These skills are essential for every business professional. The engaging modules can be used individually to fit around other meeting content or combined to create comprehensive communication programs.

Learn More About Communication
  1. Effective Listening

    Effective Listening

    Effective listening is one of the most important behaviors that people bring to business relationships. Effective listening builds trust and empathy, critical elements in any relationship. Participants learn and practice techniques to be better listeners.

    As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Be aware of mental barriers that prevent good listening
    • Keep disruptive behaviors from undermining their listening
    • Apply physical and mental tips for effective listening
    • Use paraphrasing to check understanding of content and feeling
    • Use the art of reframing to neutralize negative statements
  2. Effective Presentation

    Effective Presentation

    Business professionals must be able to motivate their audience to action with clear, concise communication. This workshop provides the “how-to” of effective stand-up presentation skills. Participants learn and practice the methods for connecting with their audience and delivering their message.

    As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Avoid the dreaded “Death by PowerPoint” type of presentation
    • Develop an audience interaction strategy to keep people engaged
    • Create effective visuals to support the content
    • Use the tools of eye contact, physical presence and vocal control
    • Motivate action from the audience

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