Board Assessments

Board Assessments

Board assessment is a best practice of good governance. A board that regularly assesses its performance will serve the organization, the mission and the stakeholders well. We make sure it is not just a “check the box” exercise but leads to actions that strengthen the board. ​

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Board Self-Assessments

Compass conducts board self-assessments for nonprofits using the BoardSource instrument specifically designed for your type of nonprofit; charity, association or foundation. The assessment covers areas of nonprofit board responsibility: mission, strategy, funding, public image, board composition, program oversight, financial oversight, CEO oversight, board structure, and meetings.

Compass adds value by analyzing the results, identifying the highest priorities and recommending specific action steps for the board. This approach leads to improvements over time that strengthen the board.

Board Member Peer-to-Peer Assessment

Compass also offers board member peer-to-peer assessments. Functionally, this is a 360-degree evaluation of each board member by the other board members. This tool is designed for boards that are ready to take a serious step in board development. If each board member improves in a behavior or responsibility, then the entire board will get stronger. Compass takes the extra step of discussing the feedback with each board member and helping that person develop personal objectives for improvement.