Leadership & Resilience

Leadership & Resilience

Truly unique, hands-on workshops that provide leaders the sense of purpose, the passion and the skills to lead their teams through explosive growth or tumultuous times.

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Leading & Managing Change

Leading & Managing Change is a unique and powerful workshop. It combines a nationally known speaker on change and resiliency, with a facilitated workshop to develop the change management skills. This team approach provides both inspiration and immediately usable skills.

The speaker is Trisha Meili, the woman known as “the Central Park Jogger”. She is a New York Times Bestselling author and a highly sought-after motivational speaker. She speaks to groups all over the country, including business professionals, on topics such as facing challenges and resiliency. The story Trisha tells is about her own path to recovery and the skills that got her through. Her story is memorable, pragmatic and inspiring.

As Trisha tells her story of recovery and perseverance, she will introduce skills that were important as she dealt with immense change; holding a vision of what can be, focusing on the present moment, working on what you can control, and being open to support. The skills are illuminated by examples of how each helped during her recovery from being in a coma to returning to work at Salomon Brothers.

Following Trisha’s talk, she and Jim Schwarz, a highly experienced workshop facilitator, work with the group in workshop format. They put each skill into a framework for managing and leading through change. Then managers work with peers on applying the change management skills to their roles.

In this way, each manager will leave with both an awareness of skills and the steps that they can take to apply these skills in their own situation. The managers can use the skills personally, as well as pass them on to their direct reports. The managers leave motivated and prepared to encourage their direct reports as they lead through change.

Organizational Needs Addressed

  • To prepare managers to lead their teams through transition
  • To provide change management skills that managers can use for themselves and their direct reports
  • To keep managers and their direct reports focused and positive during a period of disruption
  • To send-off managers from the meeting with energy and enthusiasm

Leaders in Service is a unique workshop that combines a community service experience with a business-focused seminar to build employee engagement, leadership and teamwork. The workshop begins with a community service day in your community, taking your team to a service organization you already support or addressing a new need in the community. The second day is a tailored curriculum bringing the experiences and learning from the previous day to address the burning issues from the workplace.

This combination has a profound impact on the team that makes a real difference back at work.

  • Creates an emotional impact from the joy of giving of themselves and giving to others
  • Builds trust as team members get to know each other as whole people
  • Reframes business challenges that can be overcome by working together
  • Solidifies team and leadership skills

As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discover the leadership lessons and power in service to others
  • Reframe the obstacles and challenges at work
  • Build team learning and collaboration
  • Enhance energy and spirit in the workplace as well as in their personal lives
  • Take personal responsibility for one’s mindsets, attitude and behaviors
  • Create personal plans for life balance that integrate work life and personal life in ways that reduce stress
  • Add value back into the local community and use that experience as a way to grow personally and professionally